Foot Pain from Standing for Long Periods or Strenuous Physical Activity?

Get quick relief with custom-fitted insoles designed by a leading Swiss orthopedist, delivered to your door in just 2 weeks.

If you participate in sports, move or stand a lot at work, or have musculoskeletal complaints, you can put a great deal of stress on your feet and feel pain in them. Bähler insoles are designed to relieve the problems with a proven combination of advanced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.

  • Bähler ScanSoles® make walking, running, and standing pain-free again
  • Our innovative mobile app lets us create superior orthopedic insoles made-to-measure for your feet, using artificial intelligence informed by scans of over 500,000 feet.
  • The insoles are made of medical-grade material, look great, and come in three versions – Sporty, Work, and Sensity. One is just right for your needs.

Enjoy pain-free feet in just 2 weeks.

For Patients

You’ll enjoy remarkably effective relief from:
Aching feet
Heavy legs
Knee and joint pain
Associated muscle and back pain
Sports related pain and discomfort
Achilles’ tendon pain

Plus, you’ll get ongoing protection for your feet, knees, and joints to prevent injuries.


Take these 5 easy steps to a Lifetime
of Pain-Free Steps

The entire process takes 10 minutes or less.

Download our app and create your free user account
Tell us about your foot pain
Scan your feet using the app
We will create an exact 3-dimensional model of your feet
Your made-to-measure insoles are produced based on this model and your orthopedic profile

Why you can be confident Bähler ScanSoles® will fit your feet perfectly

We’ll make a precise 3D mold of your feet. Then we’ll use the mold to make a pair of the world’s finest custom orthopedic insoles, made-to-measure just for your feet.

With our unique app, based on AI-powered technology and hundreds of thousands of reference scans, we can recreate the shape of the sole of your foot as accurately as an orthopedist in a specialist shop. But now you can do it easily and from the comfort of your own home. Perfect fit through high-tech.

Happiness Guaranteed

We love our product and we want you to love it too. That’s why our # 1 priority at Bähler ScanSoles is your happiness. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that any issues you experience are rectified quickly and efficiently. If you are not happy with the fit of your ScanSoles®, then we will refund your money. If they break within the first year, we will replace them. If you are a heavy user and they need replacing after 18 months, we will offer a new pair at a much-reduced price. Just reach out to customer care team and we will be here for you because your happiness is what matters.

For Healthcare Practitioners

Learn how Bähler ScanSoles® can help you serve your patients with superior orthopedic insoles


Discover the ultra-comfortable difference between off-the-shelf insoles and made-to-measure Swiss ScanSoles®.

Off-the-shelf insoles can’t compare with the newfound comfort you’ll enjoy with Bähler ScanSoles®. Why? Your feet are as unique as your face. Your orthopedic insoles should be, too.

Available in three versions – Sporty, Work, and Sensity

The design that’s ideal for your feet depends on the type, extent, and intensity of your activity. You’ll tell us about it during your short virtual orthopedic interview, so we can select the optimal design for your needs.

Guaranteed to fit your feet perfectly or your money back

We’re so confident you’ll appreciate the unrivaled comfort that your custom-made Bähler ScanSoles® provide we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your entire purchase price. No questions asked.

Professional quality at an affordable price

ScanSoles® scanning technology not only offers you convenience, but it also saves you money. With no expensive appointments needed at your local orthotics centre, Bähler ScanSoles® offers you the same custom-made, premium product but at a much lower price.

At €149 per pair, ScanSoles® can save you up to 70% without any compromise on fit or comfort.


Enjoy pain-free feet in just 2 weeks.

You’ll get orthopedist-designed made-to-measure insoles made in Switzerland and shipped
to you in just 10 to 14 days – without a visit to an orthopedist.

Have a question? Contact us today.

We understand how debilitating foot pain can be, and we’re here to help
you step beyond it. Simply email or phone us.

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